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MenUnited Helping men to know the Love of God


MENUNTED is simply a brand name for a movement of ‘no cringe’ Christian outreach for men and their families and then to ‘equip’ them for life. 

As a Group we seek excellence in everything we do and have a desire to help all to seek ways to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to others. 

This stimulating Spring programme should build Christian confidence and unity amongst men and bless their family life.  

We are seeking the part we play in local mission that encourages us to share the Good News of Jesus.

Who Let The Dads Out?
Playtime for dads and their children
Equip Saturday Breakfast
Exploring the meaning of life 
Men's Curry Night
Social with a stimulating speaker
Men & Women's Supper
Evening social building wholesome friendship
Salt and Light
Exploring the way forward as a group
About Us
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